A table treat

While I was zipping around town on Thursday I passed these two tables on the side of the road…
poor. lonely. deserted; 
and in desperate need of some TLC.

Lucky for these two fellas, my mum taught me how to scavenge rescue odds and ends from the side of the road at an early age. I still have a lot to learn, but I am getting better at determining what types of things are worth the effort.
These little babies were definitely worth it… particularly because Mr. and I are realizing we have very little furniture for our future home. Fortunately for us, we are realizing this now in March and our wedding isn’t until October. There is still plenty of time and there are still many furniture outcasts to be scavenged rescued!
I can’t wait to start fixing them up, it will have to wait a bit though (you remember… thesis and stuff) but I will keep you posted! The smaller one I think I might paint white, just to tone down the dark chunky-ness of it all (a bit overpowering for our small townhouse), and the larger one I am hoping to sand and stain a dark cherry, haha, or maybe go crazy with the white paint and paint it as well… so many options!
Now don’t get me wrong –
I’m not saying I wouldn’t rather have this coffee table and sofa from Pottery Barn
 (go ahead and click the link, I’ll wait while you drool over everything on the website)
but this one….
was free!!!
i’m just sayin’

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