decisions decisions

so… I’m kind of over this whole wedding planning thing.
part of me just wants someone else to do it for me.
the other part of me knows that i do have an image in my head of what i want our day to look like
…and nobody can make it happen like i want but me
(me, and maybe my mom, she pretty much knows what’s in my head)
type A you think?
don’t answer that.
anyway, since I’m back to wedding planning (haha, just a quick 2 minute hiatus to vent)
I am on the hunt for bridesmaids dresses.
I would love for my girls to have this dress from JCrew
but i don’t love the price tag…. EEK!

I refuse to make my girls pay a bundle…
and the more casual plan for our wedding lends itself to more casual attire…
which means hopefully a lower price tag.
Today I was getting my blogger fix and I stopped over at 2713mornings
They are hosting a giveaway from a company called Mikarose
I had never heard of them, but the good little sheep that I am, I followed the link on over 
They have some super cute dresses that aren’t too revealing; 
I didn’t see the word “mini” or “low rise” anywhere!
What do you think about this dress for my bridesmaids?
Is it too casual?
I love the brown, and it looks SO comfy!
maybe I’m just in love with her shoes…
hmm… I just don’t know!!!!!

5 thoughts on “decisions decisions

  1. LOVE the blog – LOVE the shout out and ya know what? I think you could really pull of that dress and make it super cute. Your bridesmaids will adore you because they will be able to wear the dresses again – imagine that?!?Love the blog annnnnnd I am now YOUR follower!


  2. Miller,I just found your blog, it is too cute! I am actually in the process of starting one myself! And I love the dresses! I can't wait to see what you decide on!Love,Kat


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