this is kind of sad…. but I’m exhausted from one of my Sunday afternoon activities.
nope, it wasn’t the awesome church service this morning,
nor was it studying for an exam I have tomorrow.
I am mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted from….
wedding registries!!!!
haha, sorry if that was anti-climactic (it sounded more dramatic in my head)
Future Hubby and I went to Bed Bath and Beyond to begin our first wedding registry. 
I guess I had kind of been putting it off for a while because, well
a little thing called a THESIS
but also because I was afraid of registering too soon and then 
having something become discontinued before the wedding.

First of all, there are WAY too many buttons on that little clicky-gun…
you don’t need half of them.
(it’s not even in a fun gun shape to enhance the “whip around the 
corner and zap something” experience I had in mind)

Second of all, Future hubby took control of the gun because it

was “too confusing for me”…
(really, I just didn’t want to be bogged down with technology… 
I wanted to flit around, dreaming of how I would decorate
our future home and which shower curtain would look
the most fabulous in the upstairs bathroom…
and that silly calculator on steroids would only bog me down! )

I realized this plan had backfired on me this evening as I was reviewing our registry online
lo and behold… what do I spy with my very own two eyes?
some surprise registry items, like this little fella…

 err…. i just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

Can you imagine if I hadn’t seen it?!
some little ‘ol lady from church would have, and probably croaked on the spot!

future hubby thought he was soooo sneaky 
what a phony balony!

*i know that’s not how you spell bologna,
but it seems more “rhymy” with phony when it’s spelled that way*

 That’s not where it ended though…
after my first surprise registry finding I scoured the rest of the pages.

good thing, too.
certainly not something I would ever let grace any shelf of mine…

 yeah, about that. 
I don’t know if it’s the wording “girls night out” 
 the way it’s bedazzled
or that fact that some punctuation is missing…

all around… not something I’m dying to receive as a wedding gift.

I also found this picture on my camera
(please disregard the inappropriate closeness of this pic and the relative lumpiness of it all)
yes, that is the scanner-gun light on my heinie.
haha,  wishful thinking on his part.
“no babe, you can’t register me for a heinie upgrade at Bed Bath and Beyond”
*jk, he’s not that kinda guy… mom you can put the shotgun down*


while we were at BB&B (kind of sounds like it should be the name of a bank), future hubby decided he needed a new pillow, on account of him not sleeping well the past few months.

well, ya can’t miss the pillow section!

a lot of poking, prodding, squishing, and “snoozing” ensued.

I pretended not to mind that he laid his head on each and every one.
I kept my “do you know how many heads have been on those” comments to myself.

I think we’ve found a winner!

(but still… gross!)

I guess back to the main point…
I’m exhausted, from an activity that should have been super fun, because even the simple task of choosing a pizza cutter resulted in this:

um…. I can barely make a decision in the morning on
apple butter or cinnamon for my toast;
how am I supposed to make a decision here?!
there’s just too much stuff in this world. 
do we really need it all?
How is it that our mindset today has strayed so far from that of early Christians;
the mindset of more, more, more.
we just make things more difficult for ourselves.
we’ve lost the concept of “community”… the way God planned the earliest churches in Acts.
we’ve replaced the idea of “sharing and caring” with “me and my stuff in my isolated world”

is this stuff really what’s important?

i’m just sayin’

2 thoughts on “Exhausted!

  1. Ashley, I always love your posts! You make me giggle, and I totally appreciate your "take" on daily life! One of the places we registered was Target and my husband scanned Beef Jerky. D'oh!


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