Little Gym Luau!

in case you haven’t heard…

I love The Little Gym of Chesapeake.


Last week was our member’s party, a night of member appreciation full of gym activities, giveaways, and snacks.

It was also a time for current members to receive priority for enrolling their child in the fall semester.


Tiffany and Rachel donning their grass skirts (mine didn’t make it past 5 minutes)

IMG_0076   IMG_0077


um… some belly rubbing and a group photo

IMG_0080   IMG_0081


once the luau was over we headed down to skinny dip for a yummy treat

(you remember my love for The Skinny Dip,

and my work lovelies share the same affinity!)


what silly-millies


I know you love our matching shirts… go ahead… admit it… we ROCK!

IMG_0088   IMG_0091

ooh, my purse made it into both pics…. SA-WEET!


in other important world news… I’ve almost finished my save-the-dates!

I can’t wait for you to ooh and aah over them… and you will – trust me, oh, you will.

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