blogging, babies, big girl jobs, and buying houses

ok, can I first just say that my computer hates me.

I got on ‘real quick’ to write this blog post

(yeah, I know it’s been a while… I’ll get to the excuses later)

anywho, I opened up windows writer and (gasp) opened up Firefox at the same time

You’d have thought the second coming was upon us the way my computer wacked out so fast…

all I can say is that I hope I never see the words ‘dumping files’ paired with

a ‘blue screen of death’ again.


This post will be a 3-parter:

(3-parts of excuses for not posting recently, that is)

Part 1: Babies

firstly, I just wanna say I love this little guy


(wish it was a little more clear… you can blame the photographer for this one)

my nephew, N.

and I love his brother, J.



(They live in the great North, well, anywhere past Virginia is ‘great north’ for me.

can people even survive at that latitude? inconceivable!!)

wish I could see them and my big Sis more often

(AHEM, eat more chicken, and maybe that will be possible!!)


This little fella was born on June 22


little chunk-a-lump is what he is.

Congrats to my friends Tiffany and Carl.

You guys are awesome parents already 🙂

close up of hunter

love, love, love that grumpy-old-man face

so those are the baby happenings!


Part 2: Big Girl Job

remember this?


my big-girl graduate degree!

well, I was fortunate because after that came…


God is SO good; He always provides!


Yup, I’m one of the newest speech-language pathologists

at the Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters

as most of you out there know from experience about having an adult job:

It’s HARD!

the end.


Part 3: Buying a house

Yup! We’re Homeowners 🙂


can you tell I’m about to yuck all over that nice big mahogany table?

it was SO unbelievably stressful…

even right up to the last minute.

not even kidding.


Chris crunching some numbers on his phone.


Let’s play a game:

Which of these doesn’t belong?



I’d love to explain why the money we brought to closing included a one-dollar bill… but it still gives me heart palpatations.

so no thanks.

Just showing the picture is enough.


Well, there you have it: babies, big girl job, and buying a house.

More posts to come.

cross my heart.

I’ve got so many craft projects going on, not to mention wedding planning!


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