Some Rascal Flatts Goodness

Hey Y’all!

Things have been crazy lately.

And while ‘crazy’ around here usually means lots of juicy things to blog about…

this type of ‘crazy’ means all my free time has been sucked up by the wedding and working monsters, leaving nothing for the socializing and blogging monsters in my life (so to speak).

what?! you don’t have monsters?

moving on.

Chris surprised me, oh… about a month and a half ago (remember the time sucking monsters I mentioned?), with tickets to see Rascal Flatts in concert!

It. Was. Amazing!

this is us in our seats. yup, big spenders.


pardon my ginormous hips in the photo below.

after seeing this photo i will promptly burn that shirt. 


the opening acts: Chris Young and Kellie Pickler

IMG_0122      IMG_0125 

IMG_0139      IMG_0149 

I’m not a big concert-go-er…but I’d go see them in concert again in a heartbeat!


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