A giveaway from Tidy Brown Wren

Hello all.

I just want to assure you that I am currently working my little fingers to the bone putting together a fantabulous blog post depicting all the juicy wedding details….

ok, maybe 30% of that was actually true.

it will be fantabulous. and the details are juicy. but I haven’t had much time to work on it over the past 2 months.

however, I wanted to make time to fill you all in on a sweet giveaway going on at Tidy Brown Wren. In case you weren’t aware… she is the organizing queen.

She’s giving away a beautiful gift basket full of goodies to help you get organized…

just in time for the hectic holidays!

The gift basket includes:

~ a folding tote bag
~ a vinyl photo envelope
~ a coupon organizer
~ 6 ID tags
~ 4 tidy totes
~ a belt/scarf hanger
~ a set of sticky notes /page flags
~ a copy of the booklet:  The Simple Life by Thom. and Art Rainer
~ a hanging pocket organizer
~ a Christmas pickle ornament
~ 6 Baby Button Wreath Clips


Head over there now and enter! The last day to enter is December 6th.

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