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new addition to the family…

Meet Baxter.

Baxter is a Border Terrier. He is 11 weeks old in these photos.

We got Baxter in mid-January….but our quest for the perfect dog didn’t start there.

Chris has wanted another dog since having to put his first dog, Sammy, down a few years ago.

I’ll be honest – I have never been a ‘dog person’ .

Thinking back on my childhood, we had a turtle named Franklin. His tank smelled like fish and got scummy sometimes.

That is the extent of my pet experience.

Since the time we got engaged (many moons ago in January 2008), Chris has casually (and not so casually) brought up dogs and the fact of  ‘wanting another one’ in many conversations.

– If I had a dog, I would run more.

– When we get a dog, we can take him on camping trips

– Our dog will be well behaved and learn a lot of tricks

-You will feel safer at home with our dog

It wasn’t really an issue for me, because it was impractical to get one at the time.

Once we got married and moved into our new house, though, his comments became more frequent.

I was beginning to panic… “are we really about to get a dog”?!



Right off the bat, I expressed to Chris my ‘requirements’ for this dog….which may have a been a little excessive…but I didn’t want to agree to something that I couldn’t live with.

– no drool, no hair all over my house, no yappy barking, no chewing on my furniture… It continued on…for months as we researched various breeds.

I know that sounds ridiculous, and maybe ‘needy’….but I assure you that even allowing a dog in the house is very ‘generous’ on my part….the very definition of sacrificial love!


We finally came across this breed after nights of searching on the good ‘ol interwebs.

Many people think ‘border collie’ when we tell them…but a border terrier is very different.

You may recognize this fella, Baxter, from the movie Anchorman

I think he is a Border mix…but he’s a famous Border, nevertheless.

Very funny movie…and very quotable…

“I don’t know how to put this but I’m kind of a big deal”.


Anyway, after careful consideration, we got this little fella.

Of course Chris had to name him Baxter.


he is 17 weeks now

and we absolutely love him.




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