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Sushi date

If you had told me 7 years ago that I would be one of those people who

enjoys Sushi on a regular basis… I would have guffawed in your face!

Ya see, I have this rather strong aversion to eating any food

that even remotely resembles it’s ‘alive’ form.

I think it stems from an experience I had as a little girl.

I remember going to a rehearsal dinner as a flower girl where they

plopped an entire (and I’m sure very expensive) lobster on my plate,

beady – bulging eyes and all!

I mean, who would do such a thing?!

Whether that was the experience that turned me into a selective eater or not,

I had always avoided certain foods – sushi being one of them –

that is, until I met my husband. Mostly against my will, he ‘broadened’ my

food experiences, to include all sorts of interesting ethnic dishes.

I have to say, after 7 years of ‘broadening’, my mind has been completely

changed about sushi (not so much with other foods, though).

Now, if you’re thinking about stepping out of your comfort zone and trying some sushi,

let me suggest you look for the rolls that say ‘tempura’:

TEMPURA:  [tem-poor-uh]

–noun – Japanese seafood or vegetables dipped in batter and deep-fried.


I mean, who doesn’t like deep fried?


Here are some shots from our most recent sushi date:

I didn’t intend  for the drink shot to be blurry,

but I kind of like the fuzzy look, it really shows the colors on the lemon.


yummy ginger dressing on my salad



Chris’ spicy tuna and yellowtail rolls 


my Volcano tempura roll 



(that’s right, I brought back the Don’t Be Jealous acronym)

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