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another birthday….they just keep coming around every year!

No, it’s not my birthday (yet). Chris turned 28 this past weekend.

I know, you are probably thinking we are youngins.

In my mind, I’m thinking “we are nearing 30 without any kiddos yet”!

Anyway, there was a birthday, so we got a little of the family together to celebrate.

More importantly, I attempted a cheesecake.

Yup…. THIS girl made a cheesecake….from scratch!

In fact, I made 2 – one for Chris’ birthday lunch with my family, and another to share later with our small group.

Here is the proof:


(the other cheesecake that I made didn’t even crack…. scouts honor!)

IMG_4192 When I told Chris I wanted to make a dessert for his birthday bash, and asked him what his favorite was…for some reason I was expecting something like “a box mix of yellow cake with confetti frosting”.

Instead I got ‘apple pie’ or ‘cheesecake with strawberry topping’.

grrr, those desserts weren’t already in my itsy-bitsy repertoire of ‘can-do’ food things.

Guess I’ll have to try something new. After all, it is for the love of my life.



um, let me just say that I absolutely hate profile shots of myself, but I recently read a post from another blog (sorry, I couldn’t find the link again to give you props!) where she talked about how she is going to stop deleting the photos of herself that she doesn’t like… because then there wouldn’t be any photos of her at all.

And I find myself doing the same thing -deleting photos and being very selective about which photos I allow others to see, even my husband, because I am so self conscious about how I look.

Well, NO MORE!


There is also another birthday boy in the house….

Baxter will be 6 months old this month!

In honor, I thought I’d share a few photos of our growing boy


Chris and my brother at my parent’s house.





He’s getting so scruffy.

Time to get him stripped – I don’t want him to start looking like this.

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