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Now, don’t get your knickers in a twist about that title. I’m talking about stripping our pup.

Baxter is almost 6 months now and he’s beginning to look a little scruffy; don’t you agree?IMG_3952

Border terrier’s actually have 2 coats: a dense undercoat and a wiry, coarse outercoat.

They really shouldn’t be shaved like most dogs; instead, the outcoat needs to be hand stripped – which basically means ‘ripped out’. I was very nervous about this process when we read about it, but there are many helpful tips and videos on the interwebs. And, interestingly enough, if you don’t strip your border’s fur, he will – by rubbing against furniture and your carpet and anything else that will make him feel better.

IMG_4303 The tub got a little messy, but it really prevents them from shedding around the house… which, as you may know, is a really big no-no in my house.



Here is a shot when Chris was halfway through

– See the difference between Baxter’s neck and back?




Obviously, we didn’t get to his head yet.


Rock on, Baxter. Rock on.

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