a little late….

but here are some shots from our Easter Sunday.

The service was held out on our church property.

Remember this post – our ‘clean up day’?

There is always a lot of work that goes into setting up our church every Sunday morning, since we are sort of a ‘portable’ church (at the moment). Sundays that are held outside on our property, however, require even more work.

It’s totally worth it, though.

There’s just something awesome about worshipping God outside.



I wish I had gotten more shots of the actual service (the shot above was just practice) but I was busy teaching these little kiddos…

…which was a job and a half.


After the service there was a potluck (like you do) and some egg shenanigans.



Once Chris and I thought we had spent enough time sweating with the eggs in the sun, we headed to my parent’s house. They weren’t able to attend their church’s Sunday service, seeing as how my mom recently had someone else’s organ stuffed into her body.

It was nice to see them and I was able to help my mom do a few things she’d been wanting to but couldn’t – mostly, put some plants and flowers into the ground. She is banned from gardening (more specifically, touching dirt) for a while because of her weakened immune system.

Let’s hope a green thumb is something you can learn, and not something you have to be born with…because I definitely didn’t get my parent’s gardening genes.

One thought on “a little late….

  1. I don’t have a green thumb either Ashley. I am hoping that your Mom’s green thumb will somehow transfer to me now that we have this new connection. Do you think it’s possible? : )


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