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A graduate



Baxter just graduated from puppy school.

I wish so badly that I could have attended his classes, but they began right around the time that I get off of work so I was never able to make it.

I’m pretty sure the boys enjoyed their ‘guy time’.

I don’t have any pictures from the class (which I regret), but here are a few from our ‘at home training’… which you apparently have to do regularly.

sometimes Baxter listens


sometimes he doesn’tIMG_4545

It is really difficult for him to follow commands when he is outside (kind of like me, I guess… fresh air ADHD).


We had to get a silly training leash, which I hated using because he kept leaping around and making it too tight and practically choking himself.


I wish this picture had been more in focus on Baxter.


um, does anyone else have fat knees?!

sheesh, where did those come from




Yay, my little graduate!

He still doesn’t behave all the time – which, according to my newly converted pet owner’s mind, is unacceptable. Chris has to remind me daily that Baxter is still a puppy…and then I forgive him for being a dog.

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