I can’t resist.

I really had no intentions of watching even a second of the Royal Wedding.

Fridays are my days off, which means I typically enjoy sleeping in until about 7am.

(I know right? Pretty awesome – 7am).

Though I was excited to see Kate’s dress, I knew there would be ten thousand bajillion photos circulating before things were even ‘official’ so I wasn’t worried about missing out.

However, my husband does have to work on Fridays (like most of the world) so he was up at the crack of dawn. He decided to wake me up at 6:30 with a cup of hot chocolate and asked me if I wanted to watch some of the wedding. I’m not sure if it was the way he asked me – so generously providing a peace offering for waking me 30 minutes before I was planning to – or if it was my innate need to never miss out on anything or be out of the loop that caused me to get up. Regardless, 2 minutes later I found myself snuggling a cup of hot chocolate in front of the tv and providing my own news commentary on the ceremony.

I didn’t plan on boring ya’ll with my own opinions, because – let’s face it – that can get annoying. HOWEVER (and that’s a big however)…that was until the camera panned over these two ladies in the crowd.


um… WHAT?!

Let’s hope the Queen’s peripheral vision has long since deteriorated in her 85 years so she isn’t scarred by the fashion miss-sense that has appeared behind her.

Look at her eyes, I think the Queen senses something un-royal lurking in her presence.

God save the Queen!

Now I’m sure Princess Eugenie (wearing blue) and Princess Beatrice (wearing beige) are nice girls and meant well, but they were very distracting! I don’t know if that was their intention, but they definitely called attention to themselves.


I couldn’t put my finger on it at first, but these two reminded me of another pair of well known sisters.

Then finally, it came to me:image

Drizella and Anastasia, the stepsisters from Cinderella.



Yup, complete with the dark eye makeup. Didn’t their mom do a wardrobe check on them before they left the house? Sheesh. Not the most flattering when you look all one color – pale beige. That’s the color of my kitchen wall.

imageAnd now I will never be able to watch the movie Cinderella without thinking of these two, nor see these two in this photo without thinking of the movie Cinderella.

Maybe these sisters struck a secret deal with Disney and planned the whole thing, using the royal wedding to burrow into our subconscious. Hmmmm. Curious.


One more photo,  just because this one always makes me laugh.



What did you think? Do you sense a fashion trend surging it’s way to the states? Should I stock up on crazy hats before they really hit big? Or better yet, I’ve got a glue gun – I can make my own. That will be the next DIY trend on blogs, yes?

One thought on “I can’t resist.

  1. Baahaaa! Thanks for the laugh Ashley. Who’s getting married next? We should totally go dressed like that. Wink wink


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