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just an update…

things have been pretty low-key around here lately.

I’ve been heading over to my parent’s house on Fridays (my day off) to help my mom do some things around the house. Last Friday was GORGEOUS and perfect for walking my mom’s gardens.


the peeps are growingIMG_4797

a perfect day to hang laundry on the line


peonies about to bloom



the bees are buzzing


a giant cabbage…er, just taking up space


swiss chard

(I know, I know…it sounds like the name of a cheese or a wine. I said the same thing to my mom)IMG_4835

baby apples


there will be a lot of cherries this year


Also, I’ve started my own little garden.


it makes me smile every time I come or go from our home

IMG_4866 really, I just ripped out a shrub and needed something to cover up the mess I made until I could get Chris to fix my ‘oops’.

please and thank you, hubby!


The weather has been so nice here lately (following a sad snowy winter) and we have really enjoyed living so close to a nice park.


This park is only about a 3 mile (roundtrip) walk from our house.


Baxter enjoyed watching the pick-up basketball and football games


of course he worked on gnawing on a stick


and of course we brought a snack

(remember the 3 miles?)IMG_4899 

What do you like to do when the weather begins to get warm?

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