recap of a good day


I had lunch with my dear bf Tiffany and her cutie-pie son.

He allowed me to snap some of these shots in between bites.


just precious

IMG_5177 I’m so glad I get to be a part of his life

IMG_5183 and I hope he keeps those Michelin-man fingers forever.


After my lunch date Chris and I headed down to our favorite nearby park (shared in this post) for the Chesapeake Jubilee, an annual event in these here parts. We decided to walk the 2 miles to the park because we knew traffic would be ridiculous. Sorry for so many photos – I brought my camera along for the fun…and also for something to do, because you won’t ever ever find me standing in line for one of those rides. gives me the heebie-jeebies.IMG_5271IMG_5198

IMG_5204 IMG_5206

IMG_5208 IMG_5210



If you’ve never had a deep-fried oreo (or twinky, snickers, pickle, cheese, or butter – yes, deep fried butter was on one menu) then you’ ve never been properly welcomed to the south!IMG_5199IMG_5217

Amazing local BBQ, Wood Chicks, which beat Bobby Flay on his own show!IMG_5213


Yummy food everywhere you turn.




IMG_5233IMG_5267 IMG_5243


Caramel apple…one of my most favorite things.




hog calling


After we had endured enough of the festivities (and my hair had expanded to its usual unruly lion’s mane) we headed back to our place to get settled before the fireworks. We were too tired of the crowd to watch the fireworks from the Jubilee, so we hatched this grand plan that involved climbing on our roof from our second story window. We knew we were close enough that we would be able to see them. There was only one small detail of this plan that I didn’t account for….a GIANT tree directly between the fireworks and our rooftop. Dagger!


It was still a fun adventure. and pretty romantic. I loved sitting up above the world.

I also had a really difficult time trying to get good shots of fireworks (which require a long shutter speed) because I don’t have a tripod. IMG_5317


It was fun, but Baxter did not like us being out on the roof. He was very anxious the whole time we were on the roof and was very happy to see us climb back in the window.


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