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Happy 4th!

Our 4th of July festivities lasted most of the weekend.

We spent Saturday at a friend’s pool with our family.



My nephews LOVE the water. Thank goodness.


The lifeguard in me hates that he is on the stairs, but he did have a lot of fun!


My sister’s birthday is on Independence day so that’s always added fun.

I know she was happy to be back in Virginia this year

(my sister and brother-in-law just moved down from Massachusetts last month)





Sunday was spent with church family. Chris and I also headed out to a city park off the North Landing River…with Baxter in tow, of course.

IMG_6513 He loves riding in the car.IMG_6543It took several tries to get a family shot where we were all sitting down!

I propped the camera on a frisbee golf ‘hole’ thing (it’s like a metal bucket with chains hanging off it)


It took me a while to figure out the ‘timing’ with the camera timer…I got a lot of shots of my rear as I sprinted back to the bench.

It takes a lot of skill, really, to get back into the shot and look all ‘natural’.


On Monday, our beach + fireworks adventure got rained out

(which you already knew if you live anywhere in eastern Virginia/North Carolina…that storm was a doozie).

Plus I forgot my camera – wop wop. There were too many other things to remember as we were heading out the door….but I was disappointed because beach trips always make for good photography.

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