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Back together again!

My little brother Ryan just returned from Marine basic training (not sure exactly what it’s called, but something like that). We are SO incredibly proud of him and are glad to have him back, though he will be leaving again in a week for more training. I’ll post pictures of him in his marine garb once I get them from my mom.

We had lunch at my parent’s house on Sunday afternoon to celebrate Ryan being home. The guys had all been itching to head out to the back acres and shoot off some of their guns. I don’t understand the hype, but I am glad they can spend time together doing things they enjoy!

Here is my aunt and my nephew, N. (turning 2 next week!).


Family photo (from left to right): Pop, Aunt Dona, brother Ryan, nephew J., brother-in-law Juan with nephew N. on top, Dad, Mom, sister Melissa, my hubby Chris, and myself.


I was hoping the direct sun would make for a very bright photo (which it did…just a little too bright, and I don’t have the editing software to handle that).

Then I took my sister and her family to another spot in the yard to take an impromptu family photo for them. We were quickly approaching N.’s naptime and J. had reached the point where his ‘engine was running a little high’ (to use some Occupational Therapy terms I hear at work). It was a little difficult to get the ‘right’ shot, but it was definitely fun!





Then Chris and I took a pic. Again, why did I choose that bright spot?! Lesson learned.



We always bring Baxter to my parent’s home when we go because they have so much land. He really enjoys racing around until his little body is tuckered out. Nephew N. loves “PUPPY!”






‘mouth’… (‘be careful’)



and then our photography session ran into naptime. I tried to get some pictures of my older nephew as well, but they were mostly blurry. The chubby one moves much slower!


yup, photo session is over.


Happy Fall to everyone!

Be sure to snap those family photos whenever possible.

You never know when you might get another chance.

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