A “Sweet Addition”

Now I don’t think my blog has enough clout that folks actually notice when I don’t post for a while, but I still feel bad! Hopefully this post will serve as an explanation for my absence in this blog. As you may have guessed, Chris and I have a very special announcement:

We are beyond excited about this growing family that God has given us. The past few months have been…interesting. I’ll just say this – it is very difficult to be subtle and keep a pregnancy secret at work when you are busy yucking in the commode every hour.

Thank you for all of the love and support we have received so far! I certainly hope to be updating in my blog more often once I start feeling human again.

9 thoughts on “A “Sweet Addition”

  1. Ashley, I found your adorable pregnancy announcement on Pinterest. I’m writing an article and am interested in featuring your announcement in it. Can you please contact me directly? You can tweet me @elenamauer or find my email address on my website. Thank you!


  2. Hi,

    I’m a writer with EverydayFamily.com and I’m doing an article on Valentine’s pregnancy announcements–I came across yours and I would love to feature in the piece! Would it be ok if I featured your announcement with full link-back and credit to you?

    Please let me know, thank you!
    Chaunie Brusie


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