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Happy March

I am very relieved to see March come along, for several reasons. The first being that I have an emotional connection to the sun, its warmth, and all things spring/summer-y which affects me on a physiological level. I just feel so much better when my body is warm and when I am able to spend regular periods of time in the sun. March is not typically a warm month here in Virginia, but this winter has been wonderfully mild (though the up and down temperatures are like a roller-coaster for my allergies).

The second reason I am excited to see March come along has nothing to do with the month itself and everything to do with the fact that I was finally prescribed some medication to help with my morning sickness.  My morning sickness had been my constant companion since week 6 (which was to be expected) and I was somehow coping with my 10 hour work days (yes, I vomited in front of a few patients and parents on one or two occasions, as well as in the car while driving, and in the middle of the night, and…). The kicker was that even with all of my sickness I was able to keep the majority of my meals down and was eating enough nutrients to gain weight (probably because the food item that stayed put in my belly the longest was a Big Texas Cinnamon Roll from the vending machine at work…shhh, don’t tell Chris I couldn’t eat the healthy carrot snack he packed me in my lunch).  About two weekends ago, though,  my body began this strange ritual of not allowing anything to stay down (not even the BTCR from the vending machine or water!). After 24 hours of this I decided I needed to call my doctor, and of course it was the weekend so the midwife on call recommended that I go the emergency room for some fluids. They gave me an IV with 2 bags of saline and the doctor wrote me a prescription for Zofran. One perk of going to the doctor (really, the only perk besides finally getting some relief from yucking) was that they did a fetal heart test to make sure Baby Baker was still growing strong – it was such a relief to hear that heart beat. thumpthumpthumpthumpthump.

The following week at work was wonderful – no yucking! I got this crazy idea in my head that I might not actually need the medication after all so I went longer than I should have without taking it. My body quickly reminded me that I did, in fact, need medication to keep water down.  boo.

Our next appointment is next week. I am actually going to a new OB at a new practice (long story) and I am secretly hoping that since I am a new patient that they will do an ultrasound and we will get to see our gummy bear again. It has been 8 weeks since we last got a visual! So much growth has taken place (according to baby books :).

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