I love peeps, I hate peeps.

Easter weekend came upon me really quickly this year, as has almost every holiday recently (Valentine’s day, Hubby’s birthday…). I’m sure I must be distracted by work. Just Kidding, haha…. I’ve been distracted by BABY!

There will be an update post on all things baby later this week… but for now, lets talk Easter!

We spent Easter Sunday afternoon at my parent’s house; the weather was perfect!


Don’t worry, we aren’t one of those families that buys baby bunnies and baby chicks for Easter just for the cuteness factor and then realizes that they actually take work. My parents had just gotten a few new baby peeps that will soon be big enough to join the rest of the chickens at their home. Hence the title of this post. I love these types of peeps because they eventually mean yummy fresh eggs.

However, I have a deep and irreversible disdain for these peeps….

I might actually consider eating one though, if offered to me by this peep, my nephew who has a very generous heart and always wants to ‘give’ things to his aunt Ashley…sometimes I just can’t say no!


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