Maternity photo fail!

Things are expanding quite rapidly around here (in my waist, to be specific). I’ve had to scour the thrift stores for some larger sized scrub bottoms to wear to work. We are allowed to wear business casual but that is not the most practical for me, considering the nature of my caseload – not really the ‘sit at a table and do work’ kind of kiddos. I prefer my scrubs; fortunately, the tops are still fitting well and I have plenty of room to grow in most of them. Thrift stores have also provided most of my non-work maternity wardrobe as well (mostly bottoms as I am still able to wear most of my regular shirts) -this is definitely a blessing because there is no way I want to pay retail prices for something I’m only going to wear for a few months – the trick to finding deals at thrift stores is to look often, particularly when it comes to maternity clothing. You can’t go in just once and expect to find something that is the right size.. and from the right decade. I’ve shed a few tears browsing through some of the ‘old’ maternity clothing out there….our poor mothers; the horror of what was considered ‘maternity’ back then!

Here’s a peek at how things have been progressing…

As you can see, parts of week 13 and 14 were spent in the ER for fluids and Zophran (which I am still reliant on in order to keep food down). Somewhere around 22 weeks I lost track of time and forgot to take a few ‘weekly’ photos (6 weekly photos, to be exact). Actually, that’s a lie…. I didn’t lose track of time, I just wasn’t feeling ‘up to’ a photo op for a few weeks. Womp, womp. Maternity photo fail.

So fast forward to this week – 28 weeks 5 days –

Our little gummy bear is not so ‘little’ anymore. She is measuring in at 2 lbs., 9 oz.

Next post: nursery progress

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