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Attempted ‘photo-shoot’ with cousins.

Last week my sister and I took our kiddos to the park (that sounds so strange….our kiddos…. gah, I HAVE A CHILD!). Anyway, we thought it would be fun to try and get a few photos of the cousins together. It was…. difficult, to say the least. Trying to convince a 5 year old, an almost three year old, and a newborn to maintain happy faces and keep them wrangled  together in one spot when the glory of the playground swings were calling to them turned out to be pretty much impossible. We did manage to get a few cute ones… and if nothing else, documented ‘life’.





and then the window of opportunity closed…

The reward? Play time for the boys


and making faces at mommy for Charlotte.





Thanks Aunt Melissa for taking these photos!

(I realized I was in very few pictures with my nugget…Tragic!!)

Even if you didn’t have time to ‘pretty yourself up’ or shower, even,  it’s important to document mommy too, not just baby 🙂

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