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Anniversary photo + baby-less date

Things have been a little busy around here, what with the baby and all. Last year I decided to start a tradition of taking a photo of Chris and I each year to commemorate ‘us’ on our anniversary. I am excited to be able to look back one day on the many photos and see how we, as husband and wife, have evolved over the years.

Chris had a great idea to add Charlotte to this year’s photo; unfortunately her empty tummy had plans for sabotage. She was not a happy camper.

Weekdays are always pretty busy so we decided to wait until the weekend to celebrate our two married years together. My parents offered to watch Charlotte for us on Saturday. This was the first time that I had been away from Charlotte for longer than an hour (and I had only been away from her once before this for a doctors appointment) – boy was it difficult not to call every second.

Neither of us had been to the beach all summer (tragic, I know) and that is really all I wanted to do – Lay out in the sun! I can always tell when I haven’t had enough sunshine in my life. Chris and I didn’t even put on our bathing suits because we didn’t have much time so I’m sure we looked like tourists laying on the beach, looking at clouds and airplanes as they passed by, but it was glorious! There’s nothing like the sound of the waves crashing on the shore. After our beach date we grabbed some BBQ and then headed home. Nothing spectacular, but still a fun adventure.

Then I zipped back to my parents house to pick up Charlotte who had a blast at Papa and Honey’s farm. She didn’t miss me nearly as much as I missed her.

And I’m embarrassed to admit, being away from her really put me in an uptight, edgy mood – though I didn’t realize it until later. Do you ever have those days when you and your spouse just aren’t on the same page? I definitely wasn’t playing on Team Baker today, which is unfortunate, because this was our chance to really reconnect – our first time without Charlotte interrupting a meal, a conversation, sleep, etc.  Though of course we don’t mind those little interruptions, I just know it’s important us to make time for, well, US!

Oh well, tomorrow is another day. Another chance to try again to be loving, joyful, a peacemaker, patient, kind, good, gentle, faithful, and exhibit self control when it comes to my relationship with my hubby.  (Galatians 5:22-23)

Goooooooo Team Baker!

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