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DIY {Princess Tiara}

I remember using this technique for a Miss America halloween costume I made when I was younger.


– Headband (I used a narrow one, but a wide headband would work fine for a giant crown)

– Tinfoil (I used maybe a foot, if that)

– Inspiration photo


First,  I went on the interwebs to find my inspiration piece.

This one looked nice and gaudy and seemed simply enough to replicate.

Tear a few 2 inch-ish wide strips of tinfoil and begin wrapping the headband. There really is no technique – just wrap the tinfoil at an angle so you can keep it sort of smooth, but you can’t really mess it up. Be sure to wrap the tinfoil with the shiny side OUT throughout this project – you want your crown to be as blingy as possible!

It took me only one of the long strips to wrap the entire headband. It should look something like this when you’re done:

Once you have your headband wrapped, take the remaining strips of tinfoil and begin twisting them into long strands. Again, there’s really no technique to this, just begin rolling and twisting at an angle to get your pieces nice and long.


After I made a few I lined them up by order of size because the design on my inspiration tiara had larger pieces in the middle and they got smaller as they moved out towards the sides. Begin shaping some pieces and attaching them to your headband – tiara base.

I just wrapped the ends of each tinfoil strand around the headband and then wrapped another small piece of tinfoil around the wrapped ends to secure. I might add some glue later and smooth out some of the ‘joints’, but it’s fairly sturdy as it is.

OOOWeeeeee, that’s FANCY!

Then, give yourself some giant poufy hair worthy of a princess and pop on your fab tiara. TADA!!!

Yes I am still in my jammies – don’t hate. I’m jus sayin’.


3 thoughts on “DIY {Princess Tiara}

  1. This was awesome thank u kindly for sharing!
    God is great, he made you a wonderful mama, wife and helper! God bless from Cananda!


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