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roll, baby roll!

I knew it would happen sooner or later {but I was secretly hoping for later. much, much later}.

Charlotte rolled over from her tummy to her back today. She will be 3 months old on Sunday. yikes. I had it on good authority that I could expect my baby to begin developing this skill at ‘as early as 4 months’, but probably later. Lies, Baby Lies, I tell you! Charlotte is not even 3 months old – I am so not ready for this. I thought I had more time!

She has been getting really strong and pushing up onto her arms for about a week now. Then today while enjoying some tummy time the perfect combination of her pushing up on her arms, kicking her legs, her big ‘ol heavy head, and gravity resulted in her flipping right over onto her back. I didn’t think to take a picture because she started crying – I guess it startled her. It startled me too because I wasn’t even looking. {tear}. I had just snapped a few pictures of her {surprised?} and reached up to put my phone back on the table. It all happened so fast. I am very sad that I missed it but am also very happy for her and I know that there are many firsts to come {and I won’t be able to experience all of them… but at least someone will – either her daddy or her Aunt who watches her while I am at work, or maybe even Grandma and Grandpa or Papa and Honey}.

Here she is, plotting to roll over as soon as mommy reaches up to put her camera away. What a stinker!

She is napping now but I am so excited for Chris to get home tonight so we can see if she will do it again {and if I can get it on camera this time} – stay tuned!

On a sort-of-related/sort-of-not-related note: here’s a cute pic from last night’s daddy-daughter time.

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