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This week…

On Sunday we ventured to Papa and Honey’s house for a family lunch. Charlotte adores her Honey.

I attempted to snag a few shots of my sister and her troop for a possible Christmas card photo. The results were …typical – typical of any family trying to get a nice photo when there are kiddos involved. But I wouldn’t dream of tossing the ‘not so perfect’ shots because those are the ones that really capture this family in this moment of this year… and that’s the whole point of taking pictures, isn’t it?

In other big news this week: Charlotte rolled over for the first time. She’s kind of a big deal.Β If you missed it {like I did} then you can read about it here.

I’ve been trying to capture it on video all week but she didn’t do it again until today while we were putting clothes away in her room, so of course I didn’t have the camera with me. I’m sure she planned it that way. All week she’s been on the verge of rolling over every time I put her on her tummy. She is getting very strong.

Charlotte rocked her “I’m with the band” shirt at church on Sunday morning then jammed with some friends playing Rock Band in the afternoon. True talent, I tell yah!

{In case you’re wondering, no the entire band does not have jaundice… I’m just not talented enough with my camera to combat the effects of stage lights – they do some crazy things to focus, too. Well, at least that’s what my story is…. and I’m sticking to it}!

On Sunday evening we had a bonfire on our church property {We have several acres in Chesapeake but have not built a church facility on it yet. In the mean time we rent space from another church and use their building, but still try to enjoy the beautiful land God has given us by lighting things on fire and moving dirt around with church member’s front loaders. Tractor ride anyone?}.

Silly Charlotte, don’t you know you’re too young to play with sparklers.

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