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DIY Crib Mobile {Grey and Yellow}

Yes, It’s been over 3 months since Charlotte was born and way more than that from the time we first started on her nursery. No, her nursery is not finished yet {still waiting on a few shelves to be hung by someone other than me}.

There are quite a few DIY projects in her nursery and I will share them all soon, but today I’ll just share how I made her mobile.

I started with one of the hanging paper lanterns we used in our wedding {you can see them in the background here}

Technically, the lantern I used for Charlotte’s nursery was in the ‘wedding bunch’ but not actually hung that day because it was yellow and it was the only one {I didn’t want one lone yellow lantern}. Anyway, I followed this tutorial {which I found on Pinterest, where else?!} to make the mini bunting using some fabric scraps that match her nursery. It turned out alright, but certainly wasn’t as cute as the tutorial girl’s turned out. And I was also thinking that the purpose of a mobile is to be eye catching for a bambino laying on his/her back in the crib. Well, the bottom of the lantern is just a hole that lets you see all the way through to the ceiling. Not very ‘eye catching’ if you ask me! So I decided to add some pizzaz. I covered a cardboard circle with some scrap yellow fabric.

Then I sorted through some sequins to find the ones that would fit with my white/grey/yellow color combo {I don’t believe in being perfectly matchy-matchy so I used orange, yellow, white, opaque, gold, and silver}. I also added a sparkly yellow butterfly to dangle from the bottom of the lantern.

Once it was dry I affixed the bedazzled cardboard circle to the bottom of the lantern and hung the whole shebang from the ceiling with a little white eye hook. It’s not quite as gaudy as the picture below makes it out to be, but it is fun and sparkly!

I really like how it turned out and, after testing it out during her afternoon nap, Charlotte gave a squeal of approval. I also like that it probably doesn’t even weigh a 1/2 pound so if by and chance it falls on her it definitely won’t leave a mark.

Stay tuned for a complete look at her nursery {with or without those shelves, because that could take another year}.

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