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video goodies

Charlotte has not yet met her Grandma and Grandpa Baker. I know, right?! It definitely hasn’t been by choice. It just hasn’t been feasible, with them being in another country and all. They have been living in Germany for the past 2 1/2 years but are flying home for good tomorrow! I’m sure it has been very difficult for them to miss the first few months of their first grandchild’s life. I have been trying to post as many experiences and photos/videos as I can for them to see so they don’t feel so out of the loop.

I am sure they are already in the air flying over the Atlantic as I write this, but here’s another video of Charlotte, complete with a baby sneeze, a dog bark, and a surprise appearance from her daddy.

{my apologies for the video quality and the weird angle – Charlotte was taking a quick cat-nap in my arms but decided to cut it short to chat about something. It’s also quite long… I can never decide when it’s a good time to stop recording. “Okay….now! No….um, now! wait, she’s talking more….. ok, er, stop now! gah… just record forever. people will watch it anyway”}

This week she has also started blowing raspberries {which I thought was supposed to be a cute little innocent and playful baby noise but somehow makes her sound disgruntled and angry, like she’s expressing her feelings at her current situation – which right now, is swaddled and forced into a nap because she was cranky}.



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