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Charlotte meets her grandparents and a Missouri Thanksgiving

Charlotte met her grandma and grandpa Baker for the first time 2 Fridays ago! She was a good sport and waited very patiently at the airport (She looks so serious in this picture, which is unusual for her).

Waiting at the airport

ESCUSE ME, I Mustache you a question…


It was love at first sight for everyone and we are so glad to have them back in the States!
meeting grandpa


The following Monday we were on a plane headed to Memphis where we would then drive to Chris’ father’s hometown of Kennet, Missouri to be with the Baker clan for Thanksgiving.

Charlotte was SO unbelievably wonderful during the flights and car traveling. I was one proud mama!



When we landed in Memphis we stopped for some good ‘ol Memphis BBQ before hitting the road to Missouri.

“Charlotte, next time please save some ribs for everyone else”!


Here’s a tour of Kennet:


Haha, just kidding. There is more to Kennet than dirt roads, I just didn’t take many pictures while we were there.  I can only juggle one valuable thing in my hands at a time and lately I’ve been choosing the baby!

Causbie’s Bakery is a must when visiting.

And I always like to visit some thrift stores and antique shops while I’m there.

Swyngomatic? Really, Graco? I wouldn’t trust that contraption with a ham sandwhich, let alone an actual 10+ lb baby.


I was very sad to find my favorite (after my one visit there previously) antique shop was closed both times we tried to visit; I’m guessing because of the holidays. Very sad. I had my heart set on some blue mason jars. womp womp.

Charlotte got lots of snuggles from her family, especially her Lola and Grandpa Baker. I am realizing that I didn’t really get any pictures of other family members while we were there… so not like me at all!



(‘Thankful for Mommy’ shirt for Thanksgiving!)




And she met her great grandpa Baker for the first time.


Her smirk cracks me up. I think she knows something we don’t know. She’s a very wize baby.



The Baker family. Grandpa Baker has 4 children, 10 grandchildren, and 18 great grandchildren.

So glad we were able to get a family photo.Baker Family 2012

Charlotte was loved on by all of her new family members and was gifted with some very adorable clothes from Aunt Brenda and Aunt Jeannie (thank you!) and her Lola Pam. I CANNOT get over these shoes. SO cute. I am kicking myself for not buying more in bigger sizes while we were there. I haven’t seen this brand anywhere!


Charlotte was, again, a very good traveling baby. I pretty much kept her in my k’tan wrap while moving through the airport so my hands would be free. Also, we (meaning me) experienced changing a poopy diaper in an airplane bathroom TWICE. Actually not as bad of an experience as you my be imagining in your head right now but it definitely earned me a new ‘mommy badge’!

I wish so badly that this picture (below) had been in focus, but what can you do with a cell phone camera in a moving car trying to take a picture of a moving baby?! I will post it anyway in all its blurry adorableness because I love the face she is making.


Sleeping on her daddy on the plane.



We had so much fun with our Missouri/Arkansas/Tennessee family and were sad we couldn’t spend more time with everyone but were so glad to be back home.

After all, Virginia is for Lovers.



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