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Charlotte is 4 months!


Charlotte’s 4 month well check-up was this week {See her sporting her first sticker? Cinderella, of course. That was always my favorite too!}. Chris was able to leave work early so he could join us. I was so glad to not have to deal with shots by myself again. I don’t know why it is so heartbreaking for me. It briefly upsets Charlotte but once you pick her up and give her your neck to snuggle in to she’s fine. I, however, turn into a mama bear and want to punch the nurse for hurting my baby {even though I know it’s her job and I DO appreciate all nurses… really, I do. Please don’t write any angry comments!}

At 4 months Charlotte…

  • Weighs 12lbs, 3oz. and is 25 inches long. She is now into some 3-6 month clothing!
  • Loves snuggles with daddy.


  • Is able to sit with assistance, but is not even close to sitting independently yet. Thank goodness. I really have my work cutout for me to baby proof this house before she is mobile!
  • Is frequently sleeping through the night. And I don’t mean the ‘six hours = sleeping through the night’ kind of sleeping; I mean around 10 hours some nights. It is really wonderful to get 6 or 7 hours of sleep again, though I will admit I miss those quiet moments in the dark hours of the early morning.
  • Is rolling over quite skillfully now. In case you missed it you can catch her in action here.64027_670408913438_370671819_n
  • Loves to be carried in a sling or wrap. I have several that I alternate between, depending on the task I want to get done. She is also good at sitting in her swing or laying on her play mat and entertaining herself, but any chance I get I keep her close so she can experience the world from a position other than on the floor at Baxter level.
  • Continues to blow raspberries and has found that shrieking gets quite a bit of attention from others, making that her go-to noise right now.
  • Has discovered her toes and loves to grab at them, though I am pretty sure she just thinks they are another toy and is not yet aware that they are ‘hers’.
  • Loves to make faces at ‘that other little girl’ in the mirror.
  • Is quickly becoming a drool queen. The pediatrician mentioned that she has a tooth just below the surface of her gums but that it could still be a month or 2 before it shows itself. WHEW! I am NOT ready for teeth yet.407351_670078575438_1761139326_n
  • Is really starting to love some teething toys, but is not really into her Sophie. I’m hoping she will change her mind once she really begins to get teeth {because it’s so darn cute and because I’d much rather her gnaw on something that doesn’t haveman made plastics or dyes in it!} but for now she just wrinkles her nose and gets a full body shiver when it goes into her mouth. I don’t know if its the taste {all natural rubber} or the texture {just like her mama, doesn’t like to touch certain textures}, or the smell {it has a fairly strong rubber smell}. We shall see.
  • Is starting to grab at everything – hair, necklaces, plates on the table, spoons, toys, etc.
  • Still has the blue vein on the bridge of her nose. I don’t know if that will fade as she grows or not. Some days it is almost non-existent and others it is so bright. Regardless, I give that spot a billion kisses every day!
  • Is really going through some sort of ‘stranger danger’ + ‘I only want mommy’ phase’. For the most part she is very social and loves to engage anyone who will give her the time of day; but occasionally if the timing is off {like if she is beginning to get hungry or tired} she only wants mommy and nothing else will do.

4 month collage

Sporting the ‘baby legs’ I made her from an old dress.
4 months 14

‘please mommy, no more photos’4 months 3

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