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Early morning confessions

Yesterday I ate TWO Little Debbie Swiss Rolls.


Actually, 4 if we’re getting technical. TWO packs with TWO rolls in them.

And they were amazing.

I had one at work between seeing some patients. The other was as I was leaving work. Here’s the confession part 2, I guess: It was so yummy and I was trying to savor every last bite because I knew I was going to feel bad later about eating two packs; Then I came to a busy intersection where two homeless men {maybe homeless… at least that’s what their sign says} always walk down the line of cars waiting at the light holding their signs. Gah, one was already at the car in front of me and was walking my way! For some reason I didn’t want to be gnawing on a tasty snack in front of him so I quickly crammed the rest of the roll in my mouth. By that time he was walking past my car at a slow stroll so I could read his sign and then dig around for some cash, I guess. “Do I look at him?”  “Do I look the other way?”  “Do I look at him?” “He knows!”   I didn’t have any food other than the ball of fluffy chocolatey cake I was hoarding in my cheeks like a chipmunk, not even chewing it because that would be a dead giveaway that I was eating something and not sharing with him. I opted for ‘look at him and smile’, but lips closed smile as to not alert him of the snack that was quickly absorbing all the moisture in my mouth. Once he had passed I tried to swallow the obscene amount of cake that was in my mouth but it had taken on a different form and was no longer fluffy cake. I was eventually able to clear my mouth, the light turned green, and I proceeded on my way home.

I’m sure he went back to, er… the place he sleeps {almost just typed ‘home’ there} and had a good laugh with his friends about the crazy girl binge eating cake in her car.

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