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Fun gifts for Charlotte!

I am continuously blown away by how generous our friends and family have been before, during, and even after Charlotte’s arrival. I just want to brag about a few very sweet people who recently gave very sweet gifts to our sweet girl {things getting sweet enough for you?!}. I’m a sucker for something unique and different so of course my favorite gifts are the ones that required a little extra thought and/or creativity!

This adorable quilt arrived in the mail just before Christmas from a sweet {haha, I can’t stop using that word!} friend from college. I was blown away! It has “Charlotte” embroidered in the middle with a little buzzing bumblebee. Absolutely precious. Charlotte wasted no time checking out her new snuggly blankie.


And quickly proceeded to determine how it would hold up to her new rolling over tricks.

Perfect. Just the right size. Thank you Megan!

Charlotte on blanket 2


Another box arrived a few days later containing 5 adorable board books from my bff from college, Kat. How thoughtful! I am a sucker for books {as is every speech language pathologist} and these are so unique!



Inside Beach Babies Wear Shades:
beach babies


Inside Urban Babies Wear Black:

Urban babies do yoga.Urban-Babies-Wear-Black-300x300


Inside Country Babies Wear Plaid:rh-181_2z

Inside Artsy Babies Wear Paint:

Artsy babies express themselves.

artsy babies

I can’t wait to get the other 5 books in the series {there are 10 total!}


Here is the link to her website if you want to look at/purchase all of the books in the series:

I particularly like the ‘about’ section where she explains how the idea for the books came about.

We are so excited to get reading, though for now mommy has to hold the books when we read or else they’ll become a soggy slobbery mess.

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