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An update on my 5 month old

Five. months. old. I cannot believe it. Every day I wake up and am in a pseudo state of ‘shock’ that I am a mom. There isn’t a moment of any day that I am not thankful for her; in the darkness of 2am, in the chaos of non-stop crying, in the poo explosion aftermath… every moment with her is precious. Even though I work with children every day {as a pediatric speech therapist} this is my first developmental ‘rodeo’ so-to-speak – For the first time I actually have a front row seat to watch the development of a child from start to finish. It is so amazing to see her learn. It seems as though I can actually see the wheels turning when she is exploring something and learning. Her personality is really beginning to emerge as well. I certainly try my best to take 10 billion photos of her a day in order to catalog every moment but I will admit it is getting harder and harder to get all of the shots I want to. She is quick like a fox and I am slow like a sloth when it comes to working my camera!

5 month collage

on floor close up

Here’s a brief look at our girl at 5 months:

  • Has found her feet and assumes her new ‘roadkill’ position {as we have deemed it} as soon as you lay her down. Those feet have even found their way to her mouth a few times. feet up

  • Is sleeping through the night fairly consistently. Wahoo! {though this weekend she is definitely making me a liar because she hasn’t slept more than 3 hours straight the past few nights; the result of a growth spurt + teething combination. dagger!}.
  • Has two teeth. Yup, you heard me right – TWO teeth at 5 months. The first one appeared just after her four month birthday; the second on popped up just 5 days later. I guess it doesn’t surprise me; such an over-achiever!

    2 teeth

  • Is not yet sitting up; and frankly, I don’t think she cares to try at the moment. As soon as I prop her up she lunges forward into taco position to grab at her feet and give them a good slobbering.
  • Has discovered that rolling can actually get her places. Earlier this week I laid her on her play mat so I could work on some Christmas thank you notes. Next thing I know she had rolled 5 feet away from her blanket! Yikesabee! This means I need to a) at least baby proof the floors in our house, and b) start actually vacuuming on a regular basis. Sheesh, babies are a lot of work.
  • Is definitely starting to lose a bit of hair, especially in the back from rubbing her head back and forth as she falls asleep. Like mother, like daughter I guess because I am losing hair as well! It started right around 4 months postpartum because of hormone craziness {just like everything else in pregnancy} but hopefully my hair will come back bigger and crazier than ever!! Charlotte’s hair is getting longer as well, and starting to look more like a bad toupee with a comb-over in some areas and an exotic bird plume in others.
  • Is still loving bath time. Chris is a baby bathing pro.
  • Really loves hanging out in her wrap. Thank goodness, or no grocery shopping would be done in this household.IMG_3148
  • Has tasted a few new foods {more on this in another post}; but so far she’s a green bean girl!



  • She is really starting to express herself vocally; screeching, hollering, laughing, singing. It is amazing how quickly they learn that their noises are powerful and meaningful!

on tummy

Love you to pieces sweet girl! {even though it has taken me 3 days to write this post because you have been quite rebellious when it comes to your sleeping schedule as of late}. What will this next month bring? I am so excited to find out!

3 thoughts on “An update on my 5 month old

  1. Thank you Ashley for sharing your baby with this old lady in Florida…..I love reading about Charlotte and watching her grow… and Chris are amazing. Xoxo Marilyn…


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