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Get ready!



This is exactly what I have been needing. Some accountability. Accountability from another mama. Better yet, accountability from thousands of mamas all over the United States and in countries around the world!

The study  on Abounding Hope will begin  January 28th and go until April 26th 2013.


You can get a free download when you register so you can’t use cost as an excuse!

Here’s how it works (Excerpt taken straight from the websites Q&A post here):

“How does the HelloMornings Challenge work?

The HelloMornings Challenge is a daily check-in via social media accountability groups.  Before or after their morning routine, group members check in with their assigned group on Facebook or Twitter.

You choose the group that fits most with what you are looking for, or you can form your own group at church or wherever. Once you register, your Accountability Captain (group leader) will contact you before the challenge begins with more details.”

So the idea is that in an effort to carve out a little bit of you + God time in the morning {what better way to begin your day?}, you will follow along in this book with other women around the world and be able to discuss the book each morning via facebook or twitter {you get to choose your preference when you register}. What an awesome way to be held accountable to starting/maintaining this ‘healthy habit’.

Who wants to join me?

Just follow this link to the sign-up page and then you will be directed to choose a group. I was going to begin my own group because all of the Eastern time zone groups are taken but I would like to see how this works before jumping in too deep {maybe next time!} – it doesn’t matter what group you choose but just know that posts about that day’s bible study will just be posted earlier/later depending on which time zone you choose {as moms in your group are getting up and beginning/finishing their reading they will start posting on Facebook/twitter}. I chose Heather Williams / Bethany Nash’s group from the Central time zone listing. Join it with me!

Registration ends Wednesday January 23rd, 2013 so you need to scramble!

Even if you decide not to do this the website has tons of resources for women of all ages, so check it out. Though I hope you reconsider; I’m taking a chance on it too and stepping out of my comfort zone, but I do know that a step towards knowing God better is never the wrong step. I don’t even know what time I will need to get up because a) Charlotte is quite unpredictable with her ‘good morning, come get me’ screeches, and b) I have never had an efficient morning routine and am always running late…. this will definitely be a challenge. All I know is that I am in desperate need of some time in my bible and in prayer.

Let me know if you decide to do this with me please!

Don’t forget, the deadline to register is Wednesday, January 23rd and the whole shebang begins  January 28th!


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