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Snow Day

I will get back to posting weekly {well, maybe bi-weekly?} updates next week so our far away loved ones can stay connected. A lot has happened over the past month. Did you know that January is almost over? Here’s a scary confession for you: I have vacuumed my house two times in 2013. Only twice. One of those times was today after my sister in law came by. We were sitting on the floor while playing with Charlotte  and when I stood up my sweat pants looked like Chewbacca’s legs because of all the Baxter hair on them. Totally disgusting. Not you personally, Chewey… just the fact that I looked like you was disgusting. Also part of the confession, I wore sweat pants almost all day today. I will confess that but I will not apologize for it!images-1

Anyway, the one time I did wear actual clothing today was to venture out into the beautiful snow with the whole family, Baxter dog included. I was excited to see what Charlotte’s reaction to snow would be. And now, without further adieu, please enjoy the nauseatingly adorable pictures of Charlotte and Baxter dog frolicking happily i

c and mommy 4 C and mommy 3

Notice our matching ‘boots with the fur’? Haha, I swear this is as far as the mommy/daughter matching will go. Cross my heart.C standing in snowI made sure Charlotte got the snow sensory experience by letting her touch it. This look says it all: ‘Not interested, Mom’. Maybe because it’s such a boring color, haha. She was definitely more entertained by Baxter’s craziness.

touching snow C and mommy1 Charlotte and chris5 charlotte and chris 3 charlotte and chris 2 charlotte snow 1I love Baxter in the background of this one. My little family.

snow day 1 c and mommy 5 baxter snow2 baxter snow1 snow 1

Charlotte thinks Baxter dog is the bee’s knees; I have to agree, he was very entertaining to watch in the snow. My apologies for the ‘Blare Witch Project’ quality of the video; I am definitely not good at taking video while walking backwards in the snow. I’ll keep my day job.


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