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Getting ready for our day

On the schedule today:

* Write in Charlotte’s baby book!! I really need to do this. I had every intention of writing in it every week from birth to catalog her milestones. That didn’t happen, obviously, as she is now almost 6 months old and her book remains in the package. My sister even gave me an adorable milestones calendar for recording and I didn’t make it past 2 weeks 🙂 Fortunately, many of her milestones have been recorded here on this blog so I won’t have to think very hard to remember the past 6 months. I do want her to have an actual baby book that I have written in though, and not just cyberspace memories, because that is something that is very special to me that my mom did and if Charlotte is even an ounce as sentimental as me then she will appreciate it when she is older.

*Grab some in season, organic fruits and veggies from the grocery store to make her more food. In season = cheaper and can be found from local farmers, organic means no pesticides on the food = no pesticides in the baby.

* Make cloth wipes. I know it sounds totally crunchy granola but I’ll explain in a later post about why it makes so much sense {if you also cloth diaper}.

*Go through and purge magazine pile. Even after reading one and tearing out anything I want to keep for reference I always save the magazine, which is pointless and a waste. Anyone interested in my  Better Homes and Gardens and/or Every Day with Rachael Ray {and a few other random parenting, remodeling, organizing, decorating magazines?} once I am done with them? Chris also gets Golf Digest {a gift from his boss} so someone is welcome to those as well. If no one is interested I will just take them to the library and donated them.

ok, now that the to-do list is out and others can keep me accountable it MUST be completed!

And, for your viewing pleasure: Charlotte giving her binky a ‘talking to’ while waiting for her breakfast this morning {sweet potatoes and cereal}


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