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Bathtime… it cures what ails ya!

Charlotte has been teething for the past few days; just the usual stuff… drooling, gumming everything in sight… yada yada. She still only has the two bottom teeth {the same ones that appeared just after 4 months} and we’ve grown to adore that little chicklet smile. I know more chicklets are about to pop through any moment now and I know I’ll still love that smile once they do. Until then though, we’ve been suffering through the aches and pains that come with the teething territory. Today she seemed particularly uncomfortable and none of the usual remedies seemed to work… until bath time.

She went from THIS:


to THIS in .5 seconds {the time it took to get her in her birthday suit and get a bath ducky in her hand}.

6 month bath 3

6 month bath 2

6 month bath 1

6 month bath 4

Thank goodness something worked! We’ll see if this contentment lasts through the night 🙂

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