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While mommy’s away the baby will play…. er, crawl actually.

Life is refusing to slow down {despite my begging and pleading}.


This week has been, and continues to be, very crazy with me being out of town last weekend and Chris out of town during the week {both for work trainings}. I am so grateful this is not the norm for us! I feel very disjointed at the moment. Not to mention exhausted. Charlotte is currently having some constipation issues, which are subsiding but once you’ve given them what they need to remedy the situation all you can do is wait. I am typing this very speedy-like so I can go to bed at a reasonable hour. Last night she slept for only 3 hours; which means I slept for only 3 hours. Somehow we made it through the day and are looking forward to some relief from tummy and sleep issues tonight. We’ll see.

I spent the weeks leading up to me being out of town worried that Charlotte was going to reach some milestones and show off some new tricks while I was away. Must have been self fulfilling prophecy because not only did she do the very things I was worried about her doing… she did more that I hadn’t even thought she could do. I was heartbroken and slightly mad at Chris that he allowed her to be so awesome on his watch, but really so glad he was able to experience those things with her. At least she didn’t say her first word while I was away. I mean, I am a speech therapist. It’s only right. On a side note… I think she imitated me saying “hey’ twice tonight while we were at my parent’s house. 🙂 So social. I love it.

Charlotte’s new tricks include: crawling {I don’t know that I’d label it crawling for sure, but she’s definitely mobile}, feeding herself puffs, and pulling up onto things from a sitting position. Baxter dog is in for a rude awakening once she is able to chase him around. And we really need to get this house baby proofed. for serious.

Charlotte’s favorite ‘move’ at the moment is called the ‘Fake-out’ in which she looks like she is going to crawl forward and grab the toy but instead, slides backwards into a sitting position. She continues to be very silly and usually quite dramatic.

No videos yet on the feeding herself puffs and pulling up but I’m doing my best here in my ‘way past sleep deprived’ state. Stay tuned.

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