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A quick morning update.

Here’s a brief Baker family update {and a mini photo purge} – I haven’t posted in weeks, there is so much you’ve missed.

  • Chris and I have begun taking foster parenting classes through the City of Virginia Beach. Let me answer some questions that you may have to save you from having to ask them: It will take 9 weeks to finish the classes. A home study must be completed before anyone will be placed with us. No, we don’t know if we are ready for another child to be added to the mix {who does?!}. Yes, we are freaking out about bed space, car space, and pretty much just space in general. Yes, we will have age parameters for whomever will be placed with us {3 and under}. Yes, I am terrified. Yes, we are trusting God – He is leading us down this path so we are trusting in His best judgement. I’m trying to keep my ‘thinking’ and ‘planning’ out of it because that can only screw things up. No, we are not parenting experts {as we haven’t even gotten to the tough parenting tasks with Charlotte yet}, but as long as there are children in the world who need loving, patient, kind adults in their life to live out and show Christ’s love for them then we will be obedient to what God asks of us.
  • Charlotte is now quite mobile and is crawling everywhere and pulling up to her knees. She will be 8 months on Thursday of this week so I will fill you in on her latest developmental milestones in her 8 month update post.


That’s all I have time for at the moment, I hear one little 7 month old who wants to get up and join the action.

Chris and Charlotte - hat
chris and charlotte - hat2

chris and charlotte  - hat3

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