Being a mom

The four letter word.


I just need to brag on my husband for a moment and how awesome he is at showing love.

The other weekend I was really dragging. All mommies get the drags occasionally, but this particular day it was really bad – I was still recovering from the sickies that invaded our house last week {Charlotte and I both battled a bad virus} and I was running on minimal sleep secondary to the unfortunate combination of a 9 month old who requires a middle of the night snack and a mom who stayed up way too late reading. I was able to snag a short power nap; emphasis on the short part because Charlotte woke up from her nap about 20 minutes after I laid down {isn’t that always the case?}. Chris had gone to some sort of church function {worship band practice I think?} so he wasn’t available to entertain Charlotte while I continued napping. I begrudgingly got Charlotte from her room and trudged downstairs. Charlotte, as I’m sure most wise babies do, has a way of getting deep into your soul and tugging on your heartstrings in a way you never thought possible. There’s not much of a chance for anger or grumpiness to linger when she’s around. I wish I could say all grumpiness fades, but let’s face it… when you’re tired, you’re grumpy. No matter how ‘sunshine and rainbows’ your life is, when you are sleep deprived, you will be mean or impatient or pessimistic… or all three. On this particular day, though, I was greeted by this arrangement waiting for me in the kitchen:

french press

All the supplies and directions for making myself a cup of french press {side note: once you go FP you don’t go back. Our Keurig barely gets any love these days}. The water was ready to be heated, the timer ready to start, grounds already in place, and step by step directions given. In that instant all grumpiness and frustration disappeared.

This is love.

Not just coffee.

Good coffee.

And at a time when he knew I needed it most.

I didn’t ask. I didn’t hint. He just knew.

This is love.

And just to get all the annoying bragging done in one post so as not to drag out our sappy love and make people nauseous, as I sit writing this he is at the grocery store buying me ice cream and peach Snapple.


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