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Charlie Grace is 10 months old.

Technically, as of today, 10 months – 3 weeks.. Meh, it is what it is.  Fortunately, I jotted down notes on what Charlotte was doing at 10 months to make things easier for to type up once I had the chance to sit down {now 3 weeks later}.

I see a trend forming with her monthly photos now. Lots of defiance being shown here.
ten months 1

ten months 8

ten months 9

oh, so dramatic.

ten months 10

pink puppy helps.

ten months 5

ten months 6
Eventually she got what she wanted… which was to play with her toys and books.
ten months 3
ten months 2

ten months 11

ten months 15ten months 13

At 10 months, Charlotte:

  • Has started to clap and loves to fill in her part of “If You’re Happy and You Know It” {unless she has an audience… she definitely doesn’t like to perform if mommy wants her to show off}.
  • She has begun signing ‘more’ while eating. Success! Unfortunately, she started signing ‘more’ the day she had a terrible stomach virus {the speech pathologist inside died a little each time she signed ‘more’ and I wasn’t able to give her more to eat}!
  • Is not saying any new words this month, but continues to be spontaneous with her regulars: “uh-oh”, “dada”, “ball”, “bubbles”, “bye bye”, and “ba” for Baxter
  • Has been to two birthday parties for friends {kiddos other than her cousins}

ten months 17

ten months 16

  • Is not really loving the pool like I thought she would, but I hope she will warm up to it. She absolutely loves bath time so I think she’ll come around. Until then, she’d prefer to stay by the snack table 🙂


  • Loves spending time with her grandparents. Here she is reading with Lola and at Papa and Honey’s yard sale.


  • Keeps me on my toes as far as baby proofing goes. She is definitely a daredevil. Note to self: no more big toys in the baby cage. She loves pulling up and cruising around our coffee table which is nice and round with no sharp edges.



  • Is now occasionally standing unassisted. Here is the video of her first time standing again for your viewing pleasure in case you missed the earlier post:
  • Battled her first case of hives from a virus and had her first visit to Urgent Care {just to make sure she wasn’t battling something else}. Keeping her entertained at urgent care was the hardest part though.


  • Has begun throwing tantrums when toys {and non toy items she has become attached to} are taken away from her. The photo below was her reaction to the ‘clean up’ song for the foam noodles at her friend Hunter’s party at The Little Gym. Oh boy.



  • Dances and sways any time she hears music or singing. The fun part about this one is that it is not something we taught her, she’s just got moves!
  • Is a master at isolating her index finger to point and will point to anything that catches her attention or that she wants.
  • Will occasionally grind her teeth, which really scared us when we first heard it; after researching it though, it seems that many young kiddos grind their teeth as a way of exploring the new chicklets in their mouth, and Charlie has 8 which means she has a lot of exploring to do!
  • Is starting to fit into size 9 month clothing, is almost in a size 3 shoe {long, narrow feet}, refuses to keep a hat or sunglasses on, and has discovered that she has bows in her hair and now yanks them out any chance she gets.

Stay tuned {next week, lol} for her 11 month update!


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