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Independence Day

We had a wonderful week/weekend celebrating our country’s independence and my sister’s birthday. There are so many photos I love, it was hard to pare them down… just a warning – this post is long!

We kicked Thursday off with a big pool and ‘Big Family’ {‘Big Family’ is our awesome group of family members who aren’t quite blood relation but may as well be}.

july 39

Charlotte preferred to watch and enjoy a snack poolside with aunt Sheila before getting in.

july 14

The nephews enjoyed cooling off in the pool.

july 25


Charlotte eventually made her way to he water but wasn’t too thrilled.

july 15

Cousin giving her an encouraging word.

july 19

july 16

july 20

july 17

july 13

july 11

july 37

july 36

She eventually enjoyed a few cruises around the pool…

july 24

july 21

but definitely preferred to hang out on dry land.

july 38


The celebration continued on to Chick’s beach later in the evening to prepare for the fireworks with some family friends. Cathy is the amazing woman who gave my mom a kidney and we love her and her family.

july 40

july 53

Charlotte took a while to warm up to the sand and waves. Other than the brief birthday bash at the beach for me in May {in which she barely touched the sand}  Charlotte has never been to the beach.

july 41

july 48


july 42

She preferred to watch her cousins play from the safety of Honey’s lap.


july 44


but Papa was eventually able to coax her to play in the sand and she LOVED it and loved playing with her cousins.



july 51

july 50

july 49
July 46


july 55

july 57

july 61

july 59

july 58

july 60
july 68

july 69

july 67

July 66

july 65

july 63

july 62
july 47


july 70

Charlotte really loved the fireworks, which surprised me.

july 71

Here she is playing in the sand. I’m not sure what the faces are about, that’s the first time she’s ever made those, haha.

Happy Independence day and a happy birthday to my sister!!








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