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Charlie Grace is 12 months old

Charlotte is now 12 months old {I prefer to label her age in months and will continue to do so as long as I can in an effort to ignore the fact that she is, in fact, getting older}.

At 12 months, Charlotte:

  • Weighs 17 lbs {10th percentile}, is 27 inches long {42nd percentile}
  • Is beginning to take a few wobbly steps {though as I’m finally writing this, she is practically running now}
  • Is learning to turn around backwards to climb down stairs/off ledges
  • Can feed herself with a spoon {though prefers her hands} and is now refusing to be fed anything via spoon by mommy or daddy and will turn her head away if we try {I just want to keep her clothes clean, is that too much to ask??}
  • Loves to give her baby doll hugs, particularly when others are watching and applauding… such a little performer… though once she get’s an ‘awww’ from mommy, baby is thrown to the floor. We’ll work on that.
  • Says: hi, bye bye, daddy, up, all done, thank you, ball, baby, balloon, book, Baxter {though ball, Baxter, and balloon all sounds the same right now}
  • Can sign: open, more, eat, please {her favorite right now is ‘please’}
  • Points to everything, waves to everyone, claps, gives high fives, is learning to give kisses, plays peek-a-boo, and dances to music
  • Understands and can follow several directions: give it to me, sit down, put in, all done, clean up, don’t touch/no, nice hands/gentle

Here are Charlotte’s 12 month photos, taken by the talented Kelly Lewis.

I made Charlotte’s ‘smash cake’, and I am pretty proud of the end result.


Though I have to be honest, my initial cake trial looked like something from the website Cake Wrecks:

2013-07-26 20.21.49

Haha, I am still laughing at my attempt. I was trying to make a giant cupcake, but my efforts to also make the cake healthy and the frosting healthy resulted in a goopy mess. I ended up just using the base of the cake form and opted for peaked frosting instead of trying to smooth it out. To color the frosting I used beet juice {practically odorless and tasteless} to achieve the perfect pink!

2013-07-26 20.03.59

2013-07-26 20.03.53

2013-07-26 20.03.47

Charlotte definitely enjoyed her first taste of the sugary goodness.












So proud of our big girl.

She is the sweetest, smartest, funniest baby around and we are so thankful to be her mommy and daddy.

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