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I’m in time-out.

2013-10-14 15.53.55

Well, it happened.

Chris put me in time-out. He made me pack up the laptop and drive to Panera to order something yummy while I sat at the computer to finish the previous post on fostering. He didn’t give me a choice. I don’t know if you all have a husband like that? One who is forcefully generous and compassionate? It’s really annoying. How dare he.

Maybe it was the barking dog. or the crying baby. or the other crying baby. or the zombie feeling from not getting enough sleep. or the to-do list running through my head {get pictures developed, find child care, make eye appointment, return library books. seriously, return library books. no time to write it on the to-do list}. or maybe it was the indigestion. or the 20 toddler books scattered on the floor. or thread unraveling the sleeve of my favorite shirt.

it could have been any one of those things that did me in. regardless, there I was, standing over the washing machine with ‘poop hands’ {I had just finished cleaning some of Charlotte’s cloth diapers}, crying and yammering on to Chris about how I’d only been able to write ONE line in my blog post in the past FOUR hours of trying to finish it.

Sad, right? It happens to us all, so don’t feel bad if you cried over ‘poop hands’ today too.

As soon as I’d gotten the tears out I felt exponentially better. It’s a halloween miracle! but Chris was set in his decision. I still feel a bit guilty, leaving him alone in the same house that brought me to the breaking point. Thank you God for giving me this husband to ‘do life’ with. There is no one better.

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