Chris and I basically become ninjas each night right before going to bed. We take care of some last minute things (take Baxter out, make lunches, set out clothes. .. the usual), then meet at the top of the stairs in front of Charlotte’s room. There, we begin ‘stealth mode’ and slowly open her door, walk in, and stand for a few minutes just watching her sleep. I may be a looney toon for even admitting this (though I have a feeling quite a few of you do this too),  but when we take a moment each day to allow ourselves to just be in awe of her little life it helps us maintain perspective.  No matter how many screams, or hits, or diva-licious looks I’ve gotten that day, seeing her all snuggly in a state of peace and calm recharges this most fierce love that I have for her. I need this moment. She needs me to have this moment each night so I can be the best mom possible the next day.


Occasionally she will roll over or stir, causing us to go into a silent panic and bump into each other as we scramble for the door. She rarely wakes up, and even then. .. so worth it.

One thought on “Ninjas

  1. We do the same thing with Nolan at night. Especially Kenny because sometimes he works late and gets home after Nolan’s bedtime. So we don’t think you are a looney tune, hehe.


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