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Our Third Anniversary

Beginning with year one of our marriage I decided I wanted to try and take a photo of Chris and I each year on our anniversary. I am already loving being able to compare Team Baker from each year; what we looked like and how our family has grown.

Year One



Such babies we were! Ha, just us and Baxter. We should have included our furry first baby in our photo, though now that I know what it’s like to wrangle kids for a photo I am glad we opted for a ‘no puppy photo’ the first year so I don’t feel pressured to have him in it every year. It’s much easier to use my supremely awesome photo shop skills to add him in later if we choose, like this…

Aniversary 1

yes, he is in fact wearing a birthday boy hat in this photo.

Baxter’s birthday is the same month and year as our anniversary, so it’s always easy to remember how old he is…or how long we’ve been married… or neither in my case.

Year Two


Last year a 2 month old Charlotte had added!


You can read more about our first and second anniversary photos + a bit about our wedding day here and here.

Year Three


First of all, I just have to say that I am totally distracted by the fact that I am standing on the left in these photos instead of the right like in the previous 2 year’s photos.Β Totally a first-world problem. I just had to get it out. Whew, moving on.

The wedding-arch-thing is still standing. My dad built it for our wedding and I am still so amazed by how beautiful it was and that it is still {sort of} standing in the woods in their backyard.


At the time that these photos were taken we still had our first foster squish. I am so glad my mom took these pictures and I couldn’t resist posting this one {with a little mustache censoring to protect squish’s privacy} because it makes me so happy to see how far God has brought us over the past 3 years.

I pray that the next 50 years creep by; I don’t want to miss a minute of them by being too busy or rushed.




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