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Taking a Break

Ok so I have to take a break from my month of purging excess possessions because something pretty awesome just happened. My cousin Jo-Lynne gave a shout out to my blog. From her blog. She is a blogger…. like a real blogger. She’s legit. And I am so honored that she even reads my blog in the privacy of her own home, probably in her jammies with a cup of coffee, but I am completely blown away that she would share it with others.


And so I made a face like this one when I found out.


Which is pretty accurate, as it is true that Taylor Swift displays an uncanny likeness to me: we both have hair… and teeth.

So anyhow, now I’m all nervous about my writing and self conscious about the fact that my blog is less than stellar and half the links don’t work. Meh, I guess I’m not self conscious enough to do anything about it. So, thanks Jo-Lynne for the vote of confidence. Wordy bloggers of the world, unite!


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