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It snowed!

We have gotten quite a bit of snow and quite a few days off of work over the past 2 weeks here in Virginia Beach. Any snow is cause for panic here but yesterday we actually got about 9 inches which is epic for this area. Chris’ office closed for 3 days and mine closed for 2 days; it was nice to spend some lazy family days together.

Charlotte’s new words: snow, brrrr, and cold. She’s also brought back an oldie – “walk” – and asks to go outside and walk several times every hour. Once outside, though, she’s paralyzed and refuses to walk in the snow.


Charlotte and chris

Charlotte and chris 2

Charlotte and mommy


2014 snow day 1

As the days have progressed she’s gotten a little more adventurous. First, she let me pull her in our neighbor’s ‘sled’. Her face says “i’m miserable” but any time I would stop pulling she would ask for more.

2014 snow day 2

2014 snow day 3

2014 snow day 4

We are so lucky to live on a golf course because we have an abundance of fields and hills to roam when it snows.

2014 snow day 5

snow angel status = fail

2014 snow day 6

Today we went out with some neighbors to find a hill and attempt some sledding, though none of us actually owned a sled. We set out with a body board, a blow up inner tube, and a blow up rubber duckie bath tub to try our luck.

2014 snow day 7

They were all pretty successful… the duckie bath tub worked the best!

I swear this video makes it looks like she’s traveling 10x the speed at which she actually went down the hill. Don’t fret, she was safe and loved it!

2014 snow day 9Charlotte got a little dramatic whenever she had to wait for someone else to have a turn going down the hill; I think we may have an adrenaline junkie on our hands.

At the end you can hear her say ‘woohoo’.

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