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Early morning confessions…. part II

The last time I made an early morning confession I outed myself as a fatty and as someone who only makes awkward situations more awkward.

Today’s confession is 10x more embarrassing and earns me {i think} a spot on America’s most awful, selfish people list.

2014-01-31 15.28.33

This is a pile of thank you cards. Seemingly uneventful and boring. But upon inspection you will realize that these are no ordinary thank you notes. These are, in fact, 12 undelivered thank you notes that I have been hoarding over the past 4 years. Yes, one is actually a thank you note for a wedding gift someone gave us! These were never sent in the mail with the rest of the Christmas cards, birthday thank-you’s, and baby shower thank you’s. Some are simply missing an address and stamp, and I never got around to digging up the address or buying one more stamp… so they got shuffled into a ‘i’ll deal with this later’ pile. The generosity of my friends and loved ones has gone un-thanked because whatever it was that kept their note from being mailed off found its way to the bottom of the to-do list time and time again.  They do not know that what they gave us was loved and that we are thankful.

This makes me so sad. and I’m sure my mother is weeping right now. She raised me better and I vow to do better!

Hold me to that. If you don’t get a thank-you note from me after giving a gift you have my permission to get in my face and demand one. Be sure to use finger pointing and maybe even a snarl, to make sure I feel really bad about it.


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